Have you ever seen a spider-crab the size of 2mm?

Photographing a Thomisid crab spider can be tricky, due to their camouflage ability and their diminutive size, ranging from 1.5 to 11.3mm on average, finding and photographing these spiders can be a real challenge, one that hasn’t turned out entirely well. for this article, but it is worth noting that you can find it in Patagonia.

The Thomisidae family, to which the Thomisid spider-crab belongs, is one of the most diverse spider families in the world and is found on every continent except Antarctica. However, not all Thomisidae species have the appearance and behavior of the crab-spider. Each region may have different species of Thomisid crab spiders, and some species may be endemic to a particular region, i.e. only found in a specific geographic area.

If you ever get a chance to see a 1.5mm Thomisid Crab Spider, you will be able to appreciate its front legs, which resemble the front legs of a small crab. These forelegs are incredibly strong and covered in fine hairs that help the spider blend into the surrounding vegetation. When the spider feels threatened or detects nearby prey, it can move its front legs rapidly to grab and hold its prey. Although these spiders can be hard to find due to their diminutive size, if you get a chance to see one, you’ll be surprised at its resemblance to a small crab.

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