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What is the difference between trekking and hiking?

Although both activities involve walking on trails or routes in nature, there are some differences between trekking and hiking.

Hiking refers to walking on trails and routes in nature, usually on low-difficulty terrain with little elevation gain. This activity is done with the goal of enjoying nature, exercising, and relaxing. Hiking is suitable for the whole family and does not require a high level of physical or technical preparation.

On the other hand, trekking refers to long-distance and more challenging walks than hiking. It is a more demanding activity that may require prior physical preparation and a more advanced level of technical skills. Trekking is done on rougher terrain with greater elevation gain, and may involve technical sections such as climbing or crossing rock or ice zones. The main objective of trekking is usually to complete a multi-day journey and camp in nature.

In summary, the main difference between hiking and trekking lies in the duration, difficulty, and terrain in which each activity is carried out. Hiking is a simpler activity, suitable for all kinds of people, while trekking is more demanding and requires a higher level of physical and technical preparation.

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